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A direct private commercial lender for real estate and corporate finance transactions.

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Advanced Realty is a direct commercial lender that specializes in creative financing solutions...
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Private and Institutional investors can take advantage of our registered syndications...
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We specialize in evaluating and funding commercial loans quickly and creatively - and getting them CLOSED! We will finance a wide variety of commercial loan requests, including multifamily apartments, retail centers, office buildings, hotel/resort and hospitality, manufacturing/industrial, student housing, franchises, developments, rehabilitation, new construction and business expansion - just to name a few.

Commercial Loans

Our primary objective is to meet our borrower's need for commercial financing with efficiency, flexibility and professionalism - especially in difficult situations.

Both as a direct lender and through our affiliated partners, Advanced Realty provides commercial real estate financing and debt/equity corporate structured financing for borrowers in unique situations anywhere in the United States - and for projects located in select countries around the world. We focus on providing timely, reliable, and customized solutions that are not accessible through banks and traditional lenders.

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We are solution oriented. Each transaction is unique, and needs to be treated with a specific targeted solution in mind. That's where Advanced Realty excels.... Our team of professionals have been been in the commercial finance world for many years, and we focus on transactions that require a personal touch due to difficult or unusual circumstances.

Backed by various private banks, investors and institutional capital, Advanced Realty Financial specializes in hard money lending situations, bond and securities financing (such as 144a, Reg D, Reg X, etc.), credit enhancement financing (such as SBLC, LC, BG and bank instruments), and other corporate finance solutions.

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Address: 811 N Catalina Ave Ste. 1030 Redondo Beach Ca. 90277

Phone: 310-745-6603